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DCF Investigation Lawyer in Norwalk, Connecticut

Experienced Fairfield County Domestic Violence Defense Attorney

In the state of Connecticut, families can easily become subjected to an investigation by the Department of Children and Families (DCF), even when there is no real evidence of neglect or abuse. Once these intrusive investigations ensue, they can quickly take over your life, damage your relationships with family and friends, and wreak havoc on your reputation. To make matters worse, these investigations may lead to criminal charges, severance or temporary suspension of your parental rights, or removal of your child from the home. Protect your rights, and the rights and best interest of your children, by consulting the Law Offices of Michael R. Corsello, LLC today.

Automatic DCF Investigations after Domestic Violence Arrests in Fairfield County

If an arrest was made after a domestic dispute, a DCF investigation will automatically ensue. This can place an already struggling family on edge and hinder their ability to heal and reconcile after an argument has taken place. It can also further exasperate the stress experienced by the arrested individual, who may now be facing criminal domestic violence charges, as well as a possible restraining order or protective order against them. Our skilled Norwalk domestic violence defense lawyers can help you handle and navigate all of these issues to give you and your family the chance to finally move forward.

Allegations of Child Abuse, Neglect, or Endangerment in Stamford, CT

Domestic violence allegations and arrests are not the only methods through which you and your family may become subject to an investigation from the DCF. At your childs school, daycare, doctors office, and other frequently visited places, there are professionals who are, by law, mandated to report suspicions of abuse, neglect, or child endangerment. But the term suspicion is highly subjective. A strange bruise experienced while playing or engaging in sports activities, a tall tale, or any other abnormal child behavior can lead to a mandated reporting. Furthermore, a report of suspected abuse or neglect from someone in your life or community can serve as grounds for these intrusive investigations.

Understanding Your Rights During a DCF Investigation

As skilled investigators, DCF officials often use underhanded tactics to intimidate you. They may even attempt to put you at ease, giving you the false sense that compliance will make the investigation go away. Make no mistake. They do not have your best interests in mind, nor are they on your side. Their job is to investigate allegations of child abuse or neglect. Most of this is done through interview and observation and is initiated with little to no evidence or probable cause. Action against you can be taken on little more than suspicion. But you do have to be a victim; you do have rights.

You are not obligated to speak with a DCF investigator until after you have consulted with our attorneys, nor are you required to sign any paperwork. The Law Offices of Michael R. Corsello, LLC can also help you push back against the intrusiveness of a DCF investigation by advising you on your rights regarding waivers and releases that allow them access to your home, family, friends, neighbors, and members of your community. Take a proactive approach and contact us at 203-838-7007 to schedule your free initial consultation today. We offer quality legal assistance for those facing DCF investigations in Norwalk, Wilton, Stamford, Westport, and throughout Fairfield County. We also provide aggressive legal representation for those facing domestic violence charges, assault and/or battery charges, and other criminal charges throughout Fairfield County.