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Shoplifting Charges Defense in Norwalk, CT

Stamford Shoplifting and Employee Theft Lawyer

Shoplifting is often considered to be a minor criminal act. In fact, teenagers may dare each other to shoplift simply for amusement or a thrill. Many people shoplift when they are actually able to pay for the items simply out of boredom. Howe’ver, Connecticut law sets out serious penalties for shoplifting offenses and anyone charged with shoplifting may face costly fines and potential time behind bars.

Many Connecticut residents may be accused of shoplifting in error. Everyone makes mistakes and, when shopping, people can often accidentally put something in a bag or pocket and forget about it or simply forget to pay. Therefore, you may find yourself facing serious shoplifting charges when you never meant to take any items.

Regardless of your specific situation, you should always contact an experienced Fairfield shoplifting defense attorney if you have been arrested for or charged with shoplifting. An experienced attorney at the Law Offices of Michael R. Corsello, LLC knows how to investigate the circumstances surrounding your arrest and build a strong defense for you, in order to limit or eliminate the consequences you may face.

Shoplifting Laws in Connecticut

Shoplifting is a form of larceny, which is the intentional, wrongful taking of property from its owner without permission. Specifically, shoplifting occurs when a person intentionally takes an item offered for sale from a commercial establishment without paying the purchase price of the item. Additionally, someone who conceals an item while still inside the commercial establishment will be assumed under the law to have concealed the item with the intent of shoplifting.

An important word in the shoplifting statute is “intentionally.” If you mistakenly or accidentally conceal or take an item, you should not be punished under the law. An experienced defense attorney will work to show you did not specifically intend to shoplift.

The charges and penalties for shoplifting in Connecticut depend on the total combined value of the items in question.