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Drinking and driving do not mix. Howe’ver, not everyone who has stopped by a happy hour for a co-worker, or enjoyed a glass of wine with dinner, is a public hazard. While many states have a zero-tolerance policy for those under age 21, it is more complicated for adults. Much more complicated.

Connecticut has a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit of .08 percent. If you are pulled over by a police officer or trooper, you may be asked to provide a breath sample to test your BAC. You may decline to do so, but your license would therefore be suspended.

The results should be thrown out unless the prosecution can prove that they are reliable. At the Law Office of Michael R. Corsello, LLC, we can help you understand how to fight DUI/DWI charges and deal with field sobriety test results. Attorney Michael R. Corsello can defend you effectively against drunk driving charges. He has lectured in seminars to other attorneys on field sobriety and Breathalyzer tests. He has written a chapter for a forthcoming book on this subject matter and he works with toxicologists to question the validity of Breathalyzers.

Do not risk your future after a DUI/DWI/OUI/OWI arrest. If youve been charged with driving under the influence, contact us today by calling 203-838-7007 for a free initial consultation.

Field Sobriety Tests

If a Breathalyzer or other device registers an illegal BAC, you could be charged with drunk driving, OUI or OWI. Anyone charged with a crime in this great country has a right to a vigorous defense. The state of Connecticut cannot sanction you without evidence beyond a reasonable doubt. Breathalyzer evidence is very often doubtful. Our firm has handled over 1,000 cases involving all types of field sobriety tests such as:

  • Breathalyzer
  • Finger-to-Nose
  • One-leg Stand
  • Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus
  • Walk-and-Turn
  • Finger Count
  • Finger Tracing

It is your lawyers job to question each and every move the police and prosecutors make in their effort to convict you. This includes evidence of blood or breath samples measuring your BAC. If a reliable test result is even possible with these machines, quite a few requirements must be observed:

  • The officer must have proper training.
  • The machine must be properly calibrated.
  • Test conditions such as temperature must be taken into account.
  • The machine must be tested frequently.
  • Test results must be identified and stored securely.

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