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Cases involving a drinking and driving car accident caused by an individual who is charged with driving under the influence can be devastating enough when only that individual is affected. Howe’ver, the cases can take a catastrophic turn if another individual suffers a serious injury or is killed by the intoxicated driver. These situations can result in serious consequences for someone who was potentially out having a good time without any intention to cause harm.

If you are facing vehicular manslaughter, negligent homicide or other DWI fatality or assault charges, you need an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer on your side. At the Law Offices of Michael R. Corsello, LLC, we aggressively stand up for your rights as we fight to keep you out of jail and minimize any consequences you may be facing. Recent victims rights amendments result in the courts imposing harsher sentences on alleged offenders. Our experienced attorneys have been helping good Connecticut citizens address bad situations for more than 30 years.

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Trusted and Experienced Legal Representation

Having handled numerous DWI fatality cases, our firm has insight into how these should be handled, legally and personally. Individuals are often wondering if they should reach out to the family of the victim or send flowers, which is not always a good idea. We can advise you of how to approach these aspects of the case and others such as how to conduct yourself in court and in any interactions with the victims family.

Negligent Homicide

Some DWI fatality cases are handled as negligent homicide. This is the only offense in the penal code that is a non-criminal act that is punished as a criminal action. In these situations, it is imperative that you have a lawyer on your side who understands both the civil and criminal ramifications of a negligent homicide charge and the potential consequences you may be facing.

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